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The man moves into an animal shelter to help the dog to get adopted

Local Kansas City animal lawyer Scott Poore has visited a three-year-old terrier mix named Queen at a shelter near his home every day for the past year. Queen was rescued by officers, had several medical issues that prevented her from being adopted right away.After more than 400 days at the Extraord

A Rare Albino Penguin Born

What is the likelihood of birth in your zoo of an albino African Penguin? Virtually nil. That's why there was a lot of cause for celebration when these exceptionally unusual birds were born in a Polish zoo lately. It's likely the only one in captivity of its kind.The zoo, of course, shared the bird'

Elijah, the Service Dog, Visits Disneyland

Elijah is a unique dog, a Golden Labrador. He left his mom and siblings to live under Ashley Wilt's care when he was only eight weeks old. Wilt is a puppy-raiser who volunteers for Canine Companions for Independence, a non-profit organization.You see, for this hugely significant work, Elijah was on

After two years, stray dog and owner meet again

Families are thrown into upheaval and sadness when pets are missing. Lost pets are rarely found in countries like the United Kingdom, as mot is killed or dognapped. Those pets families may never know or even get to see their favorite animals again. Some of them set up all over the internet missing p

A person has a Big Heart for Senior Dogs

What are we going to do when we grow old and find it hard to live alone? There are always adoption agencies with kids, but who would like to adopt an older person? This analogy also applies well to the best friend of man. No one would want to take old dogs, and often in dog shelters, you would find

10 Amazing Human & Animal Bonds

One fisherman on our list had a penguin as a friend, and another made an unlikely relationship with a crocodile! Yes, Shedden discovered a croc severely wounded on a riverbank in a tale comparable to a Joao's, so he took excellent care of it, despite endangering his own life. Naming the feared