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Elijah, the Service Dog, Visits Disneyland

Elijah is a unique dog, a Golden Labrador. He left his mom and siblings to live under Ashley Wilt's care when he was only eight weeks old. Wilt is a puppy-raiser who volunteers for Canine Companions for Independence, a non-profit organization.

You see, for this hugely significant work, Elijah was on a unique trip to become a much sought-after service dog, and Wilt raised him.


Lots of Learning


As Elijah grew up, Wilt discovered what a soft, loving soul Elijah was and knew he was going to create the ideal service dog. But no dog is born with all the necessary expertise to assume this accountable position. They must be taught, including Elijah.


Service dogs under different circumstances need to be able to help and guide their handlers. The average dog often spoke of loud noises and busy crowds, but these circumstances are prevalent to the daily life of people. Service dogs, therefore, need to know how to deal with a broad spectrum of circumstances, including noise and crowds.

The journey of a lifetime


You may not think of Disneyland as the perfect training ground for a service dog, but it Became to be the ideal learning experience for Elijah, who was only two years old and still in training at the beginning of 2019.

Wilt decided to bring Elijah for a bit of fun to the "happiest location on earth." But there was also a severe reason behind the journey. Wilt required to teach Elijah how to act with lots of kids and motion in big, noisy crowds.

Catching the moment


Fortunately for us, Wilt chose to take a photo of the Disney journey of Elijah along the way. And what a lot of pictures she'd taken. Elijah feels like he has the time of his life in each one. His peaceful but strong character is palpable in posing with some of the favorite characters of Disney.

He posed with everyone from Winnie the Pooh to Snow White, and the result is a wonderful collection of pictures. And it wasn't just Elijah that had the fun. It seems as if the characters he encountered on his journey were as enjoyable as he was judging from their faces ' looks.


A  valuable lesson


Wilt was excited to understand how the young dog would handle itself among hordes of people and in noisy, unfamiliar territory, just as Elijah's day at Disney was enjoyable and happy for all involved. She didn't need to worry. It turns out to be as calm and regulated as lovely Elijah looks.

In his stride, he took Disney and had a wonderful time to boot. His peaceful temperament, when he lastly becomes a full-time service dog, is bound to hold him in excellent stead. Whoever gets to share their lives with Elijah will actually be a fortunate person, and they can rest assured that a visit to Disney will be a play for this faithful pup for children.