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Ted Williams Homeless Man's Story To A Celebrity With His Golden Voice

We live in a social media-defined world. A world that is continuously being upgraded. Through the internet, more and more individuals become popular. There are different ways in which they gain their fame, and each of them has its own story to share. There's one man whose story you haven't seen coming, though. A guy who had no future at first sight and who lived on the streets discovered his way to life.

The guy that rocked the world


Unusually, Ted Williams transformed himself. He began to get noticed and quickly became popular after the video, where he showed his voice became viral. His rich voice gave him the opportunity to find his way out of his miserable existence. Ted didn’t have many opportunities to use his talent in an addicted neighborhood of Columbus.


One day, however, his video saw the day's light, and it showed the world who he is and what he might be. It developed countless opportunities for him to use his gift, while at the same moment opening many doors that led to a good career.

Job opportunities


Williams was offered a job that he could only dream of before. The once unemployed Ted had no luxury to say ' no' to a job, and now he can choose the one he wishes to do. The earnings he received seemed to him to be unreal, but he knew very well that he deserved every penny.

He worked with big companies like Pepsi, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Kraft Mac&Cheese. On the other hand, he still had some personal problems to cope with, even though he had luck in the business industry.

Fighting dependence

Ted's two worst habits were drug and alcohol addiction. Williams returned to his habits many times despite his attention to remaining sober. To assist him in staying coherent and concentrated, he decided to attempt rehab.

Problems at work

Although many individuals have attempted to sabotage his success, Ted has generally succeeded in getting them through. However, there were some people he worked with trying to involve Ted in some severe things like heroin smuggling. He was almost left without any cash. Williams did not stop fighting, however.

Finding a resolution

He managed to land a safe gig, which included his own show on the radio, thanks to his persistence. It was called' The Golden Voice Show.' For such a long time, Williams achieved what he wanted–to become financially autonomous and assist the spot where he used to eat. It was a shelter for homeless people when nobody else was there for him.

Because of his faith in himself and without fear of failure, Ted Williams has shown the world that you can always accomplish your objectives, no matter where you come from.