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Is PewDiePie Really Leaving YouTube?

YouTube users tried to figure out if the vlogger PewDiePie would shut down his channel on the platform in April 2019. The YouTuber announced that it was about to move its live streaming service to the DLive platform that caused this frenzy.

Oddly enough, PewDiePie's YouTube channel has nearly 100 million subscribers and has been posting videos on it for nine years. That's why his fans were wondering why he wanted to give up all of that.

His start


PewDiePie was known as Felix Kjellberg, a student of economics and leadership at the Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg, Sweden, before signing up for YouTube in 2010. However, as he dropped out in 2011 to follow a career in advertising, he did not stay at the university for long.

He did not take off his advertising career, so he resorted to concentrating all his energy on producing content for YouTube. It led in the following year gaining more than one million subscribers. PewDiePie was the most channel subscribed on YouTube by 2013.


Using his controversial signature videos and his Let's Play series, he has managed to get the YouTube community hooked on his channel where he offers video game commentary. His videos enjoy people. We understand this because over 20 billion times his videos have been watched. Why, now, would he want to throw away all this?

Making more cash


For pure fun, most YouTubers do not upload videos to the platform. To create a living, they upload them. Some of these YouTubers appear to be making a platform killing, but the truth is they don't get paid what they're worth.

That's because YouTube is cutting their income, and PewDiePie is aware of that. Like everybody else, if given an opportunity, PewDiePie would love to make more cash. DLive gave him that opportunity by providing him the opportunity to demonstrate his job on their platform on the pledge not to take a cent from his income.


Running with it


The newfound love of PewDiePie for DLive is not just about cash. He said he loves interacting with him as a partner by the DLive team. That's why he's entered the platform with thousands of bucks to encourage more creators to come and appreciate the advantages he receives.

Will he leave Youtube?


Now that PewDiePie has decided to work with DLive, what does that mean for his fans of YouTube? Will they have to switch to DLive to view their content? Will he remove his channel from YouTube? These are some of the issues being asked online by the supporters of PewDiePie.

However, the response to their questions is very easy. PewDiePie never said he would disable his account on YouTube. He also said he's not going to prevent uploading fresh videos to his YouTube channel.


PewDiePie merely pointed out that he will now also be accessible on DLive, which means that on both platforms, we will be able to appreciate his content.