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Punt in a bottle of wine

We use a lot of things in our daily life, but we don’t understand why and how they’re designed the way they are. Well, be ready to blow your mind. Let’s explore some of the most familiar household items and their secret purposes. We want you to understand some of them are so logical that you'd like to tear out your hair. Others, well, they're so dumb and absurd you don't have to blame yourself for not understanding. Some of these hidden purposes are also hacks of life that might assist you in solving some strange circumstances. If you want to know which one so start to read then!

Have you ever noticed on the bottom of wine bottles those round indentations? They are called punts, and glassblowers have added them to make bottles stronger historically. They also keep the bottles upright and avoid tipping them over. The punt enables to more accurately spread the pressure inside, ensuring a more pleasant flavor and a better pop in sparkling wines such as champagne. A punt enables to sanitize the bottle with steam without difficulty even before the wine is poured into the bottle.