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1. margarine

Many factors are involved in how quickly you age and how aging appears on your skin. Genetics may be the main factor here, but when it comes to aging, there are plenty of things you can handle. Smoking, sensitivity to the sun, and diet, in particular, create an enormous difference.

We all want to look great, but when you feel great, it also shows your presence. Besides causing ache and pain, premature aging may also leave your body open to chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. While we never want to look old, most of us want the chance to grow old.

1. Margarine

Because of its saturated fat content, butter received a horrible reputation some years ago. Margarine was meant to be the solution that would enable us to appreciate the flavor of butter without the fat. For your body, margarine is worse.

Margarine is filled with trans fats that increase chronic illness risk. It also messes with your body's hydration rate. Chronic dehydration is a primary wrinkle driver, certainly an unwanted result. There is also an elevated amount of omega-6 fatty acids in margarine. While your body requires some of these, getting too many is simple, and this tends to cause inflammation.