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Starbucks Lets out Cute New Cups In China – And People Love Them!

Starbucks is a universal phenomenon. It is the first thing that comes to mind for most people when they think about coffee.  Millions are hooked on their brand all over the world. But there's a whole craze for a new cup design in China at the moment.

Cute and excited by cats

These wonderfully limited edition cups have an impressive design.  They are translucent, slightly rosy, and look like a cat inside the cup, placing its paw. The liquid takes on the shape of a paw, with adorable little toe pads, when the container is filled.

There are also design aspects, such as lovely cherry blossoms, that pay homage to China. It is an ongoing trend since Starbucks published its first limited edition cups last year.

Selling out fast

Initially, these charming cups were priced at $30 and sold out in an eye's blink. After that, Starbucks announced in select shops that it would sell them again. It led to people camping out for the first time in a line across the country overnight.


What’s even the craziest is how fast they sold out online. It took one-tenth of one second for 1000 cups to sell online.  In just a second, a fresh batch of 3000 purchased. It's secure to say that there's a massive demand for these adorable new cups.

Reselling and fights


Because they sold out so quickly throughout the country, people took the chance to resell these cups for a significant profit. Some double the price, and some sell the initial price ten times – nearly 300$!

There have been countless videos on the internet of individuals getting into struggles over them since these cups came out. Most of those who do this kind of things are middle-aged people, so we can suppose they buy them for later reselling.


The only remaining issue is whether these cups will also be sold outside of China? Will we also have the opportunity to own these coffee cups in the form of sweet paw? Let's hope so, but without struggles.