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A Woman Stands On Baggage Conveyor Belt At Airport And Immediately Piles It

CCTV is a convenient technological development. It helps us identify crimes and improve security, and it catches comedic moments from all over the world and allows us all to enjoy them forever.

The airport, which opened in the Arnavutkoy district in April, has an annual passenger capacity of 90 million, and as such, the CCTV plays a vital role in ensuring that everything is in order. Nevertheless, we also have to thank it for capturing the moment a woman decided to climb on the conveyor belt of the luggage, where she piled it immediately.

The woman is walking up the baggage ramp with her luggage in her hands at check-in in the video. Then she waits patiently for a bag to move-clearly not aware of the fact that it is bagged riding the belt, not people -before reaching the conveyor belt of the luggage and collapsing into a heap.

 As the woman is whisked on her back to the baggage handlers, bemused staff members press the emergency stop button, seemingly uncertain what to do to the fallen passenger.

Sadly, we don't know anything about this woman or her method of thought. Had she never flown before and thought you had to do that? Didn't she have a ticket and believe she'd be able to get free travel in her baggage hold? Or had she spent the entire morning at the airport pub waiting for her plane and ended up being frustrated with a tad?