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Disney provides details of the upcoming streaming service

With its long-anticipated streaming service, Disney creates the buzz. Disney is a giant organization so that it might be a game-changer. Such speculations have intensified since Disney announced the platform details.

A Formal Launch Date


The most crucial piece of information revealed is the launch date of the service.  And it's not too far off–12 November 2019. Such a fast release is bound to interfere with services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Also disclosed was the price point–$6.99 a month, that is, $69.99 a year. Again, this is a reduced cost than the services competing. On a multitude of screens and devices, the platform will be accessible.


Everything will be compatible with TMobile phones, gaming consoles, streaming media players, and smart TV. From the start, this service appears to be a powerful contender for older, more established platforms.

It is just the beginning. Disney has plenty of space to develop and can invest in the service a lot of cash. This announcement is promising, but it's just the start.

World Disney Has Created


Disney will have a lot of stuff that is exclusive. Fans of the company's job will be happy to know that both old and new Disney Chanel TV show and films will be accessible to watch on the service.

Over the years, Disney has grown to include many studios and well-known companies. The service will therefore also provide Pixar movies and shorts, Marvel Cinematic Universe films and Star Wars universe films and television shows.


And that’s not all. Disney will offer clients access to all 13 earlier unavailable Disney's Signature Collection movies. These include classics such as The Little Mermaid, Beauty and Aladdin and the Beast. It will be an excellent way to revisit ancient hits and valuable childhood memories, along with the live-action films that Disney has created over the years.

Disney will also deliver Fox's family-friendly content such as Malcolm in the Middle and The Simpsons ' all 30 seasons.

A Powerful Contender


Disney will be a service to which supporters will immediately flock. But there is a question about the broader streaming services sector. All eyes are on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, services capable of losing many clients.


Analysts and professionals still discuss whether this is going to be a "Netflix killer." Predictability is impossible, at least until November. But definitely, Disney+ will shake things up. With the inexpensive price point, it will undoubtedly be popular around half of HBO's cost.

What is certain is that somehow, Netflix and Amazon are going to have to react. And all services will be motivated by the added competition to be better. Let's hope that for many years to come, they will all continue to improve and provide fantastic content.