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Drunk Driver Wakes Up In Ten Years Of Coma

Imagine waking up a decade ago and learning that Miley Cyrus lives in a trailer park. That's precisely what the serial drunk Ray was doing, but you're going to be amazed why.

A History of Alcoholism


He always made a point of driving even when he wasn’t sober. Finally, when they couldn’t take it anymore, his friends, led by Tom Mabe, decided to work out something that would shake him up and coerce him to forgive the bottle.

Ray was an awful drunk. All his colleagues knew, including his best friend, Tom Mabe. There were 5 DUIs (Driving Under the Influence) among his many possessions at the time, all accumulated in his home state within a few years. It would also be enjoyable, so why not hell. Unknown to them, they would create a lifetime's prank!

A Set of Fake Proportions

The concept was to make Ray look beyond his drink to see what he might lose if, when drunk, he continued to drive recklessly. How to do this best? The friends agreed on the future concept.

When Ray had his next drink-a-ton and slurred off as usual into the drunk-dom, they took to their new fake hospital bed and set it all up to play. A little idea was about to become a major prank.


Awakening to the Future


Ray had no clue what the whole moment was going on. He was wrapped in a hot blanket when he woke up in a hospital gown, hung up on what looked like a hospital bed. Where was he there? There was no one to explain anything, but the television was on, and there was a newsletter with the most shocking data. The newscaster stated at one stage that singer Miley Cyrus had settled in a trailer park, that Justin Bieber had married a guy, and that Hilary Clinton had been president.

Ray was astonished, of course. He had no way of proving anything, but it felt all too genuine and credible. Even worse, a fake doctor went into the room and made a shocking announcement before he could say anything: Ray had been in a coma for the last ten years.

What did he remember the last time? There was nothing that could come to mind. It may have been all true. The panic of Ray was palpable, and he asked for his daughter immediately.

Moral of the Story?

Ray's friend Tom created an entrance, dressed as one of the fake doctors, not to scare him too much. Ray saw through the façade after a few laughable doctoral efforts and calmed down. Tom wasn't wasting a moment and rapidly rebuked Ray for drunk driving, reminding him that he might have died and lost his daughter.

How about a prank about that? Surely the message was passed on, didn't it?