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Life In Subway Made This Kid To Be Tough

The absence of healthy parenting sometimes gives home lessons to kids so that they have no choice but to learn very rapidly!

Such a situation occurred lately on the New York subway where a child with all of the world's attitude believed he would lie on the seats and offer his legs the nice, lengthy stretch he thought they required.

Now, as anyone who has ridden the subway understands, they are generally packed and finding a seat is a matter of luck and much patience. New Yorkers are not known for their friendliness and charm, particularly on the subway, and it can be a daunting experience as an out-of-towner will confirm.

Keep stretching yourself!

So, the rush hour it was on this day when the kid decided he’d take up, like, three seats in his stretch-out routine. Never mind the adults and the seniors who must make do while standing and being jostled about as the train hurtles through the tunnel!

No, why is he supposed to bother? That's their poor luck, and he had serious business to look after on his mobile, which occupied his sole attention, in any case.

Now, for a long time, subway drivers have been petitioning and rallying to upgrade the subway system. They say it's outdated — what it is — and they need more than a clean-up and a nice move.

The cars need to be replaced and to make them hospitable, and the stations need a superhero team! Riders often have to struggle with rats, half-eaten aside pizzas and holes in the platform.

Hve they heard their voices? When you go online, no, and this just makes the riders more incensed, so other riders better not get in their way!

You hoard a lot of individuals in a crowded room at any moment, and you are searching for trouble. They're warm, sweaty, and either they're looking forward to a full day's job, or they're tired, miserable, hungry, and their fuses are very brief if it's going home time. The smelly cars in which they have to ride don't assist either, but they have no choice for most of them. They've got to take the metro.

Inconvenient and comfortable ride!

So, anyway, there's this child on this day, no care in the world except what's on his phone, and there's plenty of angry people around him. But one weary, heavy commuter didn't have any of it. He stared at the child and sat on his feet quickly.

Because of the weight, the kid couldn't move, and he naturally found it very uncomfortable, but hard. The man made himself comfortable, though, and enjoyed the rest of his ride.