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The 80-year-old crochet has made thousands of baby hats

When they reach their 80's, most people are well into their retirement years, and that means they don't have to work. But what about those 80-year-olds who want to work and still feel young? Most of them use knitting and crocheting to take up a hobby.

That's what this woman was doing here, by the thousands, crocheting warm hats for newborns. These are not only going to her grandchildren or helping to line her pockets with cash. She gives a hospital these hats. Staff at the hospital love her job, and they're not shy about talking about it.


New life and a new hobby


Doris Bender, 80, did not understand what to do with all the time she had after retirement. Instead of spending time to watch television as her husband, she was looking for fresh ways to kill time. Finally, Bender told her daughter about her predicament, Terrie Grim, and Terrie provided her a proposal.


She suggested that Bender should try to crochet to make hats for toddlers. Terrie introduced Bender to a nurse who helped her to start.

She proposed that Bender should try her hand at crocheting and make baby hats. Then Terrie brought a nurse to Bender who helped her get started. Later, Bender learned how to crochet and began her small non-profit organization.


She provides up to 100 hats every time at times. Also, she does not see creating these hats as a mundane job, but as a manner of relaxing. Bender tells that finishing one hat generally requires her 1 hour and 15 minutes. She also said she would have ended some hats in less time. Some hats, however, take her longer to complete because when her fingers hurt, she has to stop crocheting.

Swapping things up


Although she produces significant amounts of hats, with the same colored yarns, she does not create them. She also has no conventional patterns to which she sticks, which means that every hat she makes is unique.


Bender also makes hats for each season. So if it's the season of Halloween, she'll create hats on the Halloween theme. For three years, Bender kept up this job without seeing any children wearing their hats, but it was about to end quickly.

A friendly and warm welcome


On a 2019 Valentines Day, Doris Bender received the fruits of her labor for the first time. She saw twin sisters wearing pink and white hats made by her, Alina and Macie. It was an exceptional time in her life since she was able to see her work's beneficial effect.

As they slept, Bender even had to cuddle with the twins. Staff at the hospital also noted how happy the children were with those hats. They also pointed out that these hats help maintain proper body temperature for the babies.