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These 5 Cities Would Charge You To Move There

Many areas around the globe are in danger of being closed down in recent years due to a problem of depopulation. As more of the younger generation opts to migrate to larger urban areas, smaller and more remote villages and towns turn to pay for residents.

Molise, Italy

This is a region known east of Rome for its pastures and mountain views of olive trees. What used to be a thriving, densely populated area is now losing people in just five years at a rate of almost 10,000 people. For three consecutive years, the regional council has confirmed their bid of $770 a month to anyone taking up residence in their town or setting up a small business. They will also help with moving costs and charge as much as $27,000 for new residents to re-settle in their city. The aim is to re-energize their population with new generations of families as well as their local economy.