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Why People Throw Baby Sprinkles Instead of Showers

It's no secret: women in the South love a good party, not just as attendants. They love to plan, host, and talk about parties (read gossiping). It is not only essential to remember decoration, menu items, and invitations, but there is always an etiquette to keep in mind. While we like to follow old-school rules for many party dos and don'ts, etiquette has bent a bit to cater to the modern way of doing things. One party that old-fashioned etiquette sticklers might not know about yet? The baby sprinkle.

We'll admit that the baby sprinkle has already made ideas and invitations for the Instagram theme. But the assumption behind it makes a lot of sense, and adding to your calendar is a lovely opportunity. So what is a baby sprinkle?


A baby sprinkle is a toned-down baby shower, as you can assume from the name. The mother-to-be had a blowout baby shower for her first child with all the bells and whistles, but what about the second, third, and successive children? We love hand-me-downs just as much as the next gal, but before their new child comes home, there are still plenty of things that second-time parents will need.


Think of a baby sprinkling like a bar party stock, except that the nursery is stored. The couple already have the big-ticket items from the first kid (high chair, crib, car seat, etc.), but they will need tons of newborn diapers, sometimes onesies (you know many of the first kid's ended up in the trash), wipes, and other baby bathroom staples when the new addition comes in. So you're "sprinkling" them with baby necessity—and also love.

When you're invited to or hosting a baby sprinkle, it's essential to consider the mama-to-be's situation. If her first child is young enough that he or she is still using the car seat or crib from the baby shower, you and several friends could split the cost of one of those expensive must-have items. If the first kid has grown out of those big-budget purchases, go with simple presents, you know the mother needs. It's also clever to consider whether her first child is one gender, and she has the other, or whether she still doesn't understand the new baby's gender. In her present house full of children, she might need bows, and gender-neutral baby gifts are always a secure play. And as we said, with diapers and other go-to's for the baby nursery and bathroom, you can't go wrong. These gifts are always valued and used.


Since a sprinkle is a more low-key affair than a shower, it is typically a smaller gathering of friends and family only. Some moms-to-be choose a child-friendly group because at home they already have the older sibling of the new baby. Sprinkles for babies are more laidback and also typically shorter. Typically, the mother-to-be and mother in law are not hosting, and you should never include a registry on the invitation. Since the donations are smaller and more essential-focused baby, most baby sprinkles will still not have a record.

Although we are willing to say goodbye to some party trends, we can definitely get behind the baby sprinkle. Every fresh child should be celebrated, and every mother should have support and love from her friends and family, even if she is not a first-timer. Sprinkle away!


Need to brush the etiquette of your child shower? Gayden Metcalfe and Charlotte Hays, Southern etiquette experts and authors of Being Dead Is No Excuse, someone is going to die if Lilly Beth doesn't catch that bouquet, and someday you're going to thank me for that, have plenty of advice to keep your ways in line when it comes to showering the mom-to-be.