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Why Your Hair Never Looks Perfect As In The Advertisements

Ah, advertisements for hair products. All designs have ideal, frizz-free, silky locks crowning their beautiful heads. They never have a tangled hair and look fantastic all the time, so you believe: "I'm going to purchase that item, and it's going to give me hair like hers."

These ads are created using all the trade tricks and more, and making your hair look like the hair of the models will take much more work than just using a specific item. So how do the advertisements get the hair to look so gloriously flawless we’re overcome by envy?  It’s not as if the commercial industry advertises their secrets, but a fascinating discovery has been created by one Canadian Twitter user and manga artist who goes by the @Okolnir handle.

The artist investigated how to draw hair in movement. What they discovered in a commercial shampoo shoot were pictures from behind the scenes.


While her perfect hair blows in the wind, most shampoo commercials feature a model that praises the shampoo. It does so precisely in the right place when the hair lands and looks perfectly pictured.


The Secret is in the green screen.

So how do they create the hair look so smooth in a draught without the model ending up looking as if it was pulled back through a bush? The secret to the whole thing turns out to be this: the green screen.

A film and video green screen is a green background. Moving people (or animals) are filmed in front of the screen, and later additional filmed footage is added to the background of the final product.

Two other people join the model in front of the camera in the commercials featuring models with their hair blowing in the background. They wear green screen bodysuits described as "green ninjas" by Twitter user @LonelyGeekess. These "ninjas" stand on green screen fabric draped chairs or crates in their hands with green sticks. They hold up the hair of the model with these sticks as if it's being blown up by the wind.