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Winter Advice for Caregivers

For seniors as well as caregivers, the colder months can be a challenge. In the coldest days of winter, frostbite and hypothermia are real possibilities, and snow and ice make it more dangerous to be outside on foot or in a vehicle.In adults 65 years of age and older, falls account for almost one-th

Memories about the Moon Landing

Fifty years ago, the Apollo 11 landed on the moon on July 20, 1969, and history was created. Those who have watched the event will never forget that.To transport us back that moment, Messiah Lifeways hosted an advance screening of the documentary "8 Days to the Moon and Back" in collaboration with W

Social Media Posts Inflame Debate about Women’s Fashion

Shopping for new clothes is intended to be satisfying and pleasant. It should be enjoyable and relaxing. It is not secret that it is also a playground for stress and body-image problems as part of the fashion world. A few social media posts have recently triggered a passionate discussion about sizin

The 80-year-old crochet has made thousands of baby hats

When they reach their 80's, most people are well into their retirement years, and that means they don't have to work. But what about those 80-year-olds who want to work and still feel young? Most of them use knitting and crocheting to take up a hobby.That's what this woman was doing here, by the tho

Proposition With 6 Different Rings To His Girlfriend

For guys, the question is one of life's most anxious-inducing components. The timing has to be correct, for some, the ring has to be ideal, and the person you are proposing to say yes, you have to be confident.This guy received six distinct diamond rings for his wife to choose from thanks to a lucky

Why Your Hair Never Looks Perfect As In The Advertisements

Ah, advertisements for hair products. All designs have ideal, frizz-free, silky locks crowning their beautiful heads. They never have a tangled hair and look fantastic all the time, so you believe: "I'm going to purchase that item, and it's going to give me hair like hers."These ads are created usin

Father Invents Application That Forces Children To Respond ASAP

If you're tired of attempting to get your little darlings ' attention while they're looking at their devices or hanging out with their friends, a creative father might have discovered the response to your issues.Okay, trying to get your kid's attention on all the other chatters surrounding him or he

Banker Wins the Hearts of Many People With his Spider-Man Act Of His Farewell

A man from Sao Paulo, Brazil, has shown that bankers are not at all boring. In reality, they might be disguised as Spiderman–you need to go beyond what you see, and you might be wondered at what you find.It is precisely the kind of surprise that a Brazilian banker sprang upon his fellow workers on

Teenager Constructs Prosthetic Arms With Lego!

If you're fortunate enough to have two legs and two arms that function reasonably well, count yourself as a lucky person. Many of us, those with missing limbs, do not have that privilege.A serious problem if you’re missing a limb is that prosthetic devices are expensive. That’s why anything that

Drunk Driver Wakes Up In Ten Years Of Coma

Imagine waking up a decade ago and learning that Miley Cyrus lives in a trailer park. That's precisely what the serial drunk Ray was doing, but you're going to be amazed why.A History of Alcoholism He always made a point of driving even when he wasn’t sober. Finally, when they couldn’t take

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